A friend asked me what I thought about Afghanistan. “Should we get out?,” he asked. My answer was simple…”Yes.”

I believe it was the right decision to get our armed forces out. This is what the last two presidents emphatically wanted to do but never made a reality. History teaches us that we cannot nation build with the military alone. It also leads us to the question of whether we should be nation building in Afghanistan at all.

I know all the news channels are flooding us with a barrage of commentary. This event sells a lot of commercials. Politicians on both sides of the aisle are jumping on the bandwagon too. It’s just a matter of switching the channel and listening to the one you agree with – but there’s more to it of course. What about the cost? After 20 years, was the US “occupation” in Afghanistan worth it? Who truly benefited from it? It wasn’t the thousands of men and women whose lives were lost, nor their loved ones who were changed forever.

Ask yourself: “What did Afghanistan mean to the profiteering defense contractors?” Our YEARLY military budget is over $700 Billion and add to that $500 Billion spent on “private” military contractors. We spend more on the military than all the countries on earth. So basically the only ones truly benefiting from these unending wars and “occupations” are the defense contractors.

It was and has been time for us to remove US troops from Afghanistan, especially when we have so many pressing problems that need to be addressed on our own shores. Could it have been done more delicately? I assume the answer is yes, but like many of us, I was not in the war rooms where those decisions were being made based on the information at hand. Nonetheless, it was time.