I fixed this lady’s shirt for her, but I have to ask:

What is it with people like you? There’s no badge of honor for not being vaccinated! There’s no bravado that comes with your anti-vaccine stance! You’re not being reasonable and you’re certainly not being patriotic! You are completely ignoring all of the facts and the science!

You don’t even seem to understand that the vaccine has nothing to do with a political party. You are ignoring the data, which states the fact that the vast majority of people who are dying are unvaccinated. Yet you still continue to scream and cry about wearing masks, while making ridiculous and non-relevant constitutional arguments as to your whys.

Can it be that you really don’t care about your family, your country, your neighbors, or children in general? You definitely don’t care about the economy. When you get sick or infect others (predominately the unvaccinated) you & they will take up hospital beds that are direly needed for others – – selfish. You will force healthcare workers risk their lives to care for yours, while your actions show a basic lack of concern for other lives.

It may be your right to kill yourselves through a total disregard of science; however, you have no right to harm or potentially kill others because of your selfishness. Come on now.