I am very tired of hearing people tell me, “I am not getting this vaccine,” … “the government can’t force me to get the vaccine,” … “they are putting a chip in the vaccine,” … “the vaccine will change my DNA.” Of course, most of their research is based on what they read on social media! Are we that stupid? Facebook not a medical repository of knowledge!

Polio and Smallpox Viruses

When I was a little eight-year-old, I was part of the national vaccination program for polio in 1958 that was developed by Jonas Salk – who by-the-way did not patent the vaccine. We were lined up in the Campbell, Ohio school auditoriums and gyms and vaccinated. I don’t even know if my parents consented or not. It didn’t matter we were getting vaccinated.

I still remember some classmates that contracted the disease and suffered the consequences of wearing heavy metal leg braces and crutches, and I was scared when I saw on the TV people completely paralyzed in an iron lung. A couple of children in my neighborhood had polio, one was in a wheelchair the other with braces. My memories of them were heartbreaking. They watched us running and jumping but couldn’t play or do what we did. But all that soon changed with the polio vaccine. That vaccine saved millions from the effects of this crippling disease around the world – it was over 95% effective.

Thankfully, the Facebook “Doctors” Weren’t Around Back Then!

Let’s talk about another dreaded disease, again a virus, that killed hundreds of millions of people, many of those who lived were scarred for life. Smallpox. There are hundreds of photographs and articles that you can find on the web, but this one taken by an English doctor in 1901 dramatically illustrates the difference the vaccine made. Thankfully, once cures were known, people around the world pulled together to fight this dreaded disease and established massive worldwide vaccination programs. The World Health Organization (WHO) certified the global eradication of the disease in 1980.

Vaccinations, Our Best Weapons to Fight Disease

Just go to your computer or cell phone and type in “children’s vaccines.” You will see all the diseases that we can prevent with vaccinations: Chickenpox, Diphtheria, Flu, Hepatitis A, B, & C, HPV (Human Papillomavirus), Measles, Mumps… and many more. I vaccinated all of my children. Yet, there are parents – that were probably vaccinated by their parents – who adamantly tell me they do not want to be forced to vaccinate their children! Again, they don’t want the government telling them what to do.

A sad fact of history in our own country was the decimation of the Native Americans who lived here for thousands of years but upon the arrival of the Europeans had no natural immunity to many of these diseases. Measles, smallpox, chickenpox, and typhus devastated the population by as much as 90% over the next 150 years. These viruses and germs were unknown to the Native Americans. No, it was not only guns that destroyed them.

Historical Lock Downs

Yes, I’ve heard how lockdowns and wearing a mask are unconstitutional… “no one has the right to tell me what to do.” But let’s think about this for a moment. People afflicted with Leprosy were separated from the general population from Biblical Times up to the last century. Someone I know remarked that if Corona-19 disfigured people they would all wear masks and run to be vaccinated. When the Black Death, a plague that ravaged Asia, Europe, and Africa for hundreds of years, appeared the sick were quarantined in their homes. Entire villages and cities were “locked down.” The dead were buried in mass graves far from the cities. Doctors and caregivers wore masks and gloves when they tried to comfort the ill… with little success.

In recent times, outbreaks of Ebola launched massive world efforts to lock down the affected countries, separate and treat the ill, and contain the disease before it spread to the rest of the world. Thankfully, vaccines have been developed to protect against Ebola and are used to control outbreaks in Africa. Yes, vaccines, and I doubt anyone is protesting against taking them.

Get Vaccinated, Get the Cards

If we want to get back to normal, then get the vaccine and practice the guidelines that the medical community has published. Remember, in nearly all cases, a vaccinated individual will not develop the disease, and will not carry the infectious agent. There are a number of studies on this subject. The virus is controlled and eradicated. One or two unvaccinated individuals will not affect the progression of the disease, but if too many people refuse to be vaccinated, then the disease (any disease) can once again spread throughout the community.

Vaccination cards are not new. Having to show proof of immunizations is not new. When I went to Greece as a young boy, I had to have my smallpox vaccine, it didn’t hurt, and it not only protected me but the people in the country I was visiting. Colleges and schools require students to be vaccinated for meningitis. In the last century travelers to many countries had to show proof that they were immunized against a number of diseases. None of this is new – only the complaining and the false messaging on social media are new.

We Live in A Sea of Viruses

In closing, one of my good friends told me that these vaccines are not vaccines and will alter your DNA. “I don’t want a monkey tail,” he wrote to me.

We live in a “sea” of viruses and bacterial – our biosphere. They are inside of us, all around us, and a part of us that cannot be separated. Viruses have changed our DNA many times in the past and are a major factor in our own evolution. Ironically these vaccinations are the consequence of that evolution whereby humans have developed the knowledge to change the courses of the diseases that killed hundreds of millions of humans. These new vaccines are just that. The mRNA vaccines are vaccines that trigger an immune response against COVID-19. The mRNA vaccines will not modify a person’s genes and this technology is a major breakthrough in our fight against diseases.

So, will the vaccine change our DNA?  Most people – unfortunately – will be the same in all respects but they won’t get sick, die, or spread the disease.

Our economy, the world economy, nearly came to a halt because of COVID-19. Get the COVID-19 vaccine. No excuse.