“Thoughts and prayers” are not enough for the latest mass shootings, and “enough is enough” heard from the other side of the aisle and the halls of government are only political doublespeak (otherwise called “forked tongue”). Quickly the media chimes in but the cries for gun control will fade away save for the few that are left with visiting cold stone monuments that mark the remains of their loved ones.

Yes, I know that there are thousands of gun laws on the books all over the country, and rightly so. But it is time for a national gun registry. A registry that is updated regularly and shared with all law enforcement agencies.

We need these controls; registering each gun purchase in a national registry, licensing the gun owner in a national registry; proof of training that needs to be renewed; strict background checks; and preventing unqualified persons from purchasing guns. When erratic or threatening behavior is reported, guns must be confiscated and licenses revoked until the person has gone through psychological testing and recertification. All of this information must be in a national registry that can be accessed by all law-enforcement agencies.

Will a national gun registry stop all gun-related killings? Of course not. No more than an extremist with no license driving a van into a crowd would stop him from killing innocent people. But it may prevent people from obtaining weapons or high-capacity magazines that they don’t have the training or need for. Just as you register your car, register your guns. It is common-sense gun control that we must all agree upon, regardless of party affiliation.
I am for gun regulation, and I am very mindful of the Second Amendment as with all the Amendments in the Constitution. The right to keep and bear arms and the presence of a well-regulated militia were critical to our independence. But let’s not forget, when the Constitution was written our weapons were no different than the weapons of the British or foreign soldiers we were fighting. The militia was needed and was critical to our independence. That was a different time and age – January 6th, 2021 should serve as a reminder that these groups need to learn the power of voting and civil discourse, not just the Second Amendment.

Guns intended for sport and hunting could be excluded, but all other rifles and handguns with high-capacity magazines need to be restricted. There needs to be an exceptionally good reason why anyone would want a gun with large capacity magazines similar to those that have been used to kill and injure large numbers of people in a short time. Many of these laws are existing laws, others are not, and the variances from state to state and city to city are extreme. But it is time for Congress to legislate gun control and put an end to this madness.

It is time for gun advocates, and those who believe the political rhetoric about federal tyranny or defending ourselves from internal insurrection and invading foreign powers, to realize that the most powerful weapons we have for the “security of a free state” are not the Second Amendment, but the First and Fifteenth Amendments.