Early voting has started, but before you vote…

Early voting has started, but before you vote…

Early voting has started, but before you vote, read this editorial (a first of its kind), Dying in a Leadership Vacuum, from the New England Journal of Medicine, October 8, 2020. When you finish that one read, How Trump damaged science — and why it could take decades to recover, October 5, 2020.

The Trump administration and his enablers are plunging our country into a dark age of science – from ridiculous lies calling global warming a hoax while fires rage out of control in California an area the size of Massachusetts, the North and South poles heating at an alarming rate, to the COVID crisis with over 210,000 dead and the economic catastrophe that follows from the lockdowns.

Instead of embracing the best scientific research and agencies that we have, Trump continues to make critical decisions that affect the lives of millions based on his political goals. He espouses false claims and blames others for the COVID pandemic from China, to the World Health Organization, to the Democratic governors and mayors. He blames everyone but himself. A simple federal mask mandate for people who ride on public transportation was recently rejected. How simple would that have been, only if the administration respected the science!

We cannot afford four more years of Trump and his enablers who denounce science. I voted for Biden & Harris and for Tim Ryan. I urge all of you to read these articles and think. Then vote.

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