Why I Will Not Vote for Trump or His Minions

Why I Will Not Vote for Trump or His Minions

I am not enamored by President Trump and the division we are experiencing in our nation and government. This is wrong. Yes, there are Trump policies that I’ve agreed with, reduce regulations, renegotiate NAFTA, adding more US manufacturing, a hard-line stance with China, and lower taxes, and still do, but my conscience will not let me ignore the concern that I have in a continued Trump presidency.

I believe we must never take away the checks and balances written in our constitution and our hearts. I believe in science and reason. I believe we must revere our Earth’s ecosystem; we have no other. I see none of this in Trump.

Here are ten reasons that are unacceptable to me:

  1. Fake News
    Freedom of the press is one of the most important pillars of our nation. When Trump tweets and cries out “fake news”, he is undermining one of the bastions of our constitution – freedom of the press. The free press questions kings, despots, tyrants, authoritarians, our government, and even themselves. Think of the importance of Common Sense, a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine in 1775–76 advocating our independence. Trump sows doubt and confusion repeating his mantra of “fake news” when he dislikes a question or a reporter. The result is that no one trusts anyone… what news is “real?”
  2. Global warming is not a hoax
    Trump pulled out of The Paris Accord during a time that the world faces an environmental catastrophe only years away. Professing “clean coal” when there is no such thing. Appointing people to head the EPA who represented the fossil fuel industry and who fought the EPA, and a Secretary of the Interior who was the most anti-conservation Interior Secretary in our nation’s history. Yes, regulations that hurt our economy must be examined regularly, however, they must also take into consideration the people who need to be protected as well as our Earth.
  3. Do emoluments mean anything to you? Profiteering from the Office of the President?
    Remember, this is in the Constitution. Why do we have to conduct government business at Trump Turnberry Resort and Golf Course, Trump International Hotel Washington, D.C., Trump Bedminster Golf Course? Why should our military be told to fuel there and stay overnight when it would be cheaper if they fuel at a U.S. military base? Why should our Ambassador be told to get the British Open to play at the Turnberry Golf Course? The constitution does not just frown upon this, it inherently forbids it in the Emoluments Clause.
  4. “I have no associations with Russia”
    Trump has said this over and over again, all the while he was negotiating a multimillion-dollar hotel in Moscow. Another lie or series of lies, depending on how many times he said this. “Russia are you listening?” I am sure they are listening now while they undermine our elections. Ignoring Russia influences on our elections, the cornerstone of our democracy, when all of our intelligence agencies and our allies have told us what is happening will destroy our democracy. Yes, Donald… the Russians are listening!
  5. Mocking a disabled journalist at a campaign rally
    Are these behaviors appropriate? The name-calling and pettiness are all insights into Trump’s behavior.
  6. Has anyone seen Trump’s tax returns?
    I have no problem with him withholding his tax returns, but why would he say it again and again at campaign rallies then refused to after he became President, calling it a “witch hunt”. This is the man who pressured Obama to produce his birth certificate, claiming if he didn’t (he did) then Obama must have something to hide. Donald, what are you hiding?
  7. Appointing Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education
    DeVos is a big Republican political donor who firmly believes in private schools as opposed to public, which she has pulled funds and programs. Private schools profit from education and making profit seems to be in line with her family’s controversial beliefs. Her brother, Eric Prince, founder of Blackwater, even wanted to privatize the war in Afghanistan.
  8. Pulling out of the World Health Organization (WHO)
    I believe in joining international organizations even heading them – America must have a seat at the table. Pandemics – which will always occur – must be handled globally. Viruses know no borders.
  9. Threatening to pull out of NATO
    Yes, we spend more than any other country on Earth for defense, but don’t kid yourself. The military defense contractors (who are mostly ours) like that position.
  10. Cronyism & Nepotism
    No, I don’t like it when unqualified and unappointed children and friends are given positions in public jobs. Did anyone vote for Ivanka or Jared? I don’t remember a senate confirmation for their “cabinet” positions. Trump also assigned members of his private golf clubs to choice government jobs such as ambassadorships. “This is the first time in modern history that a president has rewarded people with jobs that paid money to his own companies.”



For these and other reasons, I will not vote for President Trump and be one of those “Republicans” who follow him blindly with no regard for our country.

-Louis G Lyras

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  • Michael Rabkin

    By Michael Rabkin


    So, Lou, vote for Biden and donate your companies to the welfare system. It would be fair. Our friendship can not be compromised by different political views, you were always been on the liberal side, but I still love you. Mike

  • Sylvia Meris

    By Sylvia Meris


    Well said

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