A Letter to Mr. Jordan

A Letter to Mr. Jordan

Dear Mr. Jordan,

During the Congressional Coronavirus Hearing on Friday, July 31, 2020, you asked the same questions of Dr. Fauci over and over again and he gave the same response: crowds especially in enclosed spaces that are not well ventilated will transmit the disease. I think I get it. Did you? Most of your five minutes were used to harangue Dr. Fauci into agreeing with your position condemning the protests in Portland and around the country as causes for an outbreaks… and he replied that any crowd can cause viral transmission.

Although some people are at greater risk of getting extremely sick from COVID-19, people of any age can contract and spread the virus. Including humans that Dr. Stella Immanuel claims have alien DNA… well, maybe not them. The virus infects humans, regardless of color or political affiliation. The virulence is high, and I fear we cannot contain the spread. Even with a national response, we can only mitigate the spread by trying to reduce the transmission and isolating the infected. Of course, Dr. Fauci, Dr. Redfield, and Admiral Giroir said the same; social distancing, rapid testing, tracing, and – this is too simple – wearing a mask.

But since you were so insistent on discovering more routes of viral transmission, though I am not as qualified as the three experts, I will take the liberty of offering my opinion to a few more of your questions.

Protests? Yes, that is a crowd. If I protest, which is my constitutional right, I will wear a mask and try to properly space myself from fellow protesters. I’ll probably protest outside, the effect is better. If I contract COVID-19, I have to accept that, and I will quarantine myself. No, I will not destroy property – government or private – but I have the constitutional right to protest peacefully. You need to protect those rights for me and distinguish between protesting and rioting. Although, I am not sure why any responsible public official – Democrat or Republican – would confuse rioting with protesting.

Dating? If your significant other has tested positive, I would advise against kissing or close contact until they test negative. Hopefully, you will get the results quickly so you can get back together. Was that on the CDC guideline?

Schools? I believe schools should open, but each school district has to decide what is the best course of action based on the CDC, HHS, and NIAID guidelines. This information is online and updated regularly. Remember children will catch the disease and can transmit it, although it may not affect them as the elderly or immune-compromised. This still leaves teachers, administrators, maintenance, and other staff at risk.

Testing? Admiral Giroir, who is also a doctor, told us about testing. Rapid testing has been a problem since the beginning of the outbreak. A few weeks ago, I needed to test and my results came back 17 days later. Fortunately, I was negative. We cannot do tracing without rapid testing.

We are getting better at treatment but there will be individuals, old and young, who will not respond and will, unfortunately, have complications or die. No one knows all the effects on any one individual. Personally, I don’t believe we can stop or eliminate the COVID-19 virus until we have a vaccine. We can only control the spread by practicing the advice of the CDC, and all the agencies that we look to for sound advice and guidance.

Dr. Fauci, Dr. Redfield, and Admiral Giroir told us what we need to hear – up to date scientific facts concerning COVID-19. You, as a congressman, must act upon these facts and write legislation that will help all of us.

Unfortunately, all of this will cost trillions of dollars, therefore, I don’t want to shut down the economy, which will have devastating effects greater than the virus. We need to take steps to open and bring the jobs back. I do, however, want to control government spending – which includes your salary.

I hope that you will work together with all the blue and red representatives and make sound decisions for the people you represent and our country.

Respectfully yours,
Lou Lyras

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