The COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 Pandemic is a time of great uncertainty and will, unfortunately, be a horrible memory long after the virus passes. The reality is other pandemics will inevitably happen and we must learn from the events of COVID-19 to be prepared to not only protect the health of our citizens but also guard us against the subtle, inexorable loss of our freedoms. Our enemies are not only nations with uniformed armies, but also invisible “enemies” who would take away our freedoms. We must not let this happen.

COVID-19, in addition to other events that have happened throughout the last two decades, makes me think of the freedoms that can be lost—freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution. Unchecked FISA warrants, Second Amendment restrictions, unlimited surveillance through the Patriot Act and National Security Acts, and even anonymous reporting to any number of agencies. We only need to see how the COVID-19 changed our right to vote, freedom to worship, freedom of assembly, and restricted travel between states in just a couple of months!

Let’s not forget the telecommunications giants like Huawei, on-line conferencing companies with hosts of foreign workers, facial recognition software, geo-location technology where you’re tracked all the time, AI software with voice recognition that always listens, the numerous personal data collection companies, and all the electronic software companies that are outsourcing their workforce to China and foreign countries. Big Brother 1984 is here.

We are the greatest country in the world. We mock authoritarian rule and rejoice in our freedom, but if we don’t watch we will end up the same. Let us not lower our guard and lose the freedoms we fought for. We must not let this happen. I will not let this happen.

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